Immigration Ridiculousness

I just got this e-mail from Fresh Direct, my online grocery delivery service:

"We recently received notice of a federal audit of our records (from the agency formerly known as the INS). As a result, some of our most experienced employees disclosed that their work papers were not in fact adequate and they chose to leave our employment. That some employees were able to gain employment by using false paperwork puts FreshDirect in the same situation as any company in New York hiring entry-level workers and not discriminating on the basis of national origin. But this has hurt our ability to serve you in the short term. We are promoting from within, training and doing external hiring. We will be back at full capacity by the end of January. "

So...  let me get this straight:

  • The government spent money to go after people who came to this country to work boxing my food in a warehouse.
  • Now those people will be unemployed.
  • The warehouse will be short staffed and so I'll get worse quality service.
  • Delivery fees will likely have to go up in the future because, without "illegal" workers, the labor pool is smaller and therefore wages need to go up.
And what are we protecting again?  American citizens' right to get all the crappy warehouse jobs?

Why do we even have any rules on who's allowed to work anyway?  How is it possible that we aren't better off as a society with free movement of labor?  If the best qualified or hardest working people get the best positions, isn't that a good thing?

Just out of curiousity, I checked out Presidential Candidate immigration policies.  Seems like they all have some kind of bone to pick, but that Obama has the most liberal one, including amnesty for existing workers.

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