Subway Thumbing

I'm wearing a big red and black SkySports winter coat because my old coat is still at Oddcast...left there one day that warmed up enough for me not to need a coat on the way home I guess. I haven't had the time to go over there and pick it up. Hopefully I will tomorrow. Still, this coat is the best shwag I ever got... It came from my friend Allison who works at Showtime. Thanks, Babe. You know, bald guys are really susceptable to weather. I hate to admit it, but I get pretty cold in the winter now.

I hate waiting on this platform. 59th Street in's cold and everyone's pissed because they're like 20 min into their commute from Bay Ridge and they've made it all of two or three stops. I have Christmas gift I can actually think of wanting this year...a good electric with a water pic. I love the idea of a water pic.... I'm a flosser, but it just seems so archaic. I need more technology in my mouth. I wouldn't mind bike pedal clips, too.

Train's here. Time to look around me to see if anyone looks like they want to push me in front of it. I do a lot of little things like that to prepare for random acts of violence. When I walk home alone late at night, I also hold my keys in my hand with my biggest key wedged in between my fingers sticking out. So, don't ever sneak up on me late at night, because I'm quite likely to stab you in the throat with the ignition key from my Mustang. What a way to go, huh? I also sit in the back of planes if I can, so I have a fighting chance in a crash. The last row is the safest because you have a shot of that tail breaking off and throwing you from the burning wreckage. Yes, this is something I think about when buying a plane ticket.

I just noticed in a banner ad today that ATT is selling the double sliding phone that Helio had, only with WM6. Pretty slick. Who says people don't notice ads.

I think I should be able to keep a running list of the ads I've seen to go back to them later and give them a thumbs up or down like hot or not.

I'm going to hit the heavy bag in the gym again this morning. I've been getting into that lately and it's a lot of fun.

I miss softball. I think I need to hit the batting cages this week. I'd hit everyday if I could. The Mets used to have this commercial with Lenny Harris as he was chasing the career pinch hits record. He'd carry around a bat all day just saying, "I hope I get to pinch hit today."

I heard my high school girlfriend is getting married. I haven't talked to her in years. It would be fun to just grab coffee one of these days and laugh about how young we, twelve years ago. I watched a video of my first communion over the weekend. Twenty-one years ago...jeez. I had such a crush on my second grade teacher that I invited her to my party...and she came! There she was, twenty-seven year old Laura Cimmino (in case she ever Googles herself), at a party with my family, neighbors, and a bunch of seven and eight year olds. She's a year younger there than I am now. Wow... Mrs. Cimmino is like 48 now. Oh, that's hard to believe. OK, on that note, I'm out of here.

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