Chocolate Rain: A plant from the beginning or unbelievable stroke of luck for Dr. Pepper?

Back in April, Zay Monday posted this "Chocolate Rain" video:

Over 11 million views and a summer of virality later, he's put out another take--this time, a "Cherry Chocolate Rain" video sponsored by Dr. Pepper, who just released a flavor of that name:

So... wait a sec...  how did this happen??  Am I to believe that Dr. Pepper had this product in the works, and just by sheer dumb luck, found this guy writing about chocolate that happened to go viral and then convinced him to add "cherry" to the beginning and make a video?

What would their ad campaign be if this guy never existed?

How long was this product in the works?  Any chance it was actually inspired by the video itself?

Or... any chance that the original video was a plant, six months in advance, making this the greatest viral advertising campaign stunt ever?

Imagine 6 flavors are being considered... they plant 6 ridiculous videos from 6 different people...  and decide that whoever, if anyone" takes off, that's the flavor they're going to put into production, and use the popularity of the first video to push the second.

It's possible, no?

I'd love to see the inside scoop here.

It's hard for me to bet that the Dr. Pepper folks would have been so clever to plant the original so far in advance, but if I don't believe that, then the existence of Zay Monday is the greatest luck a brand ever had.

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