Steve Jobs is a dick.

There, I said it.

Apple just "came to an agreement" with Nick from the ThinkSecret blog--you know, the one that a 13 year old started in 1998 about Apple product rumors.  He wound up getting one too many rumors (truths) out before Apple was ready to make it public, so they sued him.  They settled... meaning that Apple will drop the suit and Nick will shut the site down.

Remember... this is a guy who liked Apple so much he started a website dedicated to the company. 

They shut him down... a college student.

What is it going to take from this company for people to stop drinking the Apple kool-aid?  Seriously, folks, its just another company.  Let's take an inventory:

iPod...  They charge people a license to make products for it... like those iPod home stereo things.  Plus, they insist on selling drm music.  "Don't blame us, blame the record companies."  Yeah, because I'm sure the record companies wouldn't budge if the company that has a near monopoly on online music distribution decided they wouldn't sell DRM music anymore.  Oh, and you can't replace the battery on your own without voiding the warranty...  and video Ipod screens... yeah..   do I need to go on?

iPhone...   One carrier gets an exclusive deal.   People build apps for it and then Apple crushes the apps in an upgrade.  Screen?  Cracks.  Battery.  Can't replace it.

Safari...   The browser caching problem means that it will display the version of your site that it sees fit, not as it sits on your server. 

I own an iPod and that's the only Apple product I use.  I had no urge to own an iPhone.  Hey, Windows products may suck, but at least Microsoft doesn't tease me and make me think they're my friend.  By the way, how many of you know someone (maybe you) whose iPhone has cracked already.  I think I'll buy a Zune or something next time. 

Hell, they don't even buy anyone.  Google may be the borg and Microsoft may be evil, but at least they spend a few bucks from the coffers filling the pockets of entrepreneurs once in a while.

Yeah... Apple makes beautiful things... that break... and that hurt you when they violate you with them. 

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