How about combining AdReady and Clickable into a small biz online marketing tools juggernaut?

AdReady just got funding from Bain and Khosla Ventures for "do it yourself" display advertising on websites. 

They have "...developed an online library of about 600 prefabricated display ads in categories such as real estate, education and travel. Customers choose an ad, customize it and then -- with AdReady's help -- launch it into the ad networks from Google and Yahoo's Right Media."

Clickable "makes creating and managing search advertising simple and effective."  They can recommend keywords and ad copy for you and manage all your search campaigns in one place.

Hmm...   imagine a place where small businesses could go to create and manage ALL their online campaigns, both search and display.  These two things are very different from each other, so to combine two companies that have expertise in each area seems like a natural fit.

So many companies would love to go to search engine marketing shops, but don't have enough traffic to make it worth the time of those shops.  And forget display... I don't think anyone's really helping small businesses with display advertising.  There's a huge, untapped market for both of these services and since they serve the same customers--customers who want to sign into one place to manage their online campaigns--I think it would benefit everyone to see them work together.

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