Twitter Signal to Noise? Overwhelmed by Facebook? Try keeping your social apps to just your real friends

Scott Karp isn't using Twitter anymore.  That's the biggest story on Techmeme right now.... and now I'm perpetuating the problem by linking to it.  I'm sorry.

Scott's a smart guy and I've been reading Publishing 2.0 for a while now, but when I see all Web 2.0 pundits jumping into a social app way after other people, opening it up to the world, and then point out all the issues with it, it makes me think of a conversation I used to have when I was 5...

"Sssssssstttttooooooooooop!!  Gimmmeee it baaack!  You're gonna break it!!!  Gimme!!"

You know the drill.  You hand one of your favorite toys to a family member who proceeds to completely mishandle it.  Ugh!  

If you're connected to people on Twitter and you have high signal to noise, perhaps you should just disconnect to the noisy people.

A simple suggestion to Scott from John Zeratsky:

"It seems like people have lost sight of the simplest Twitter use-case: Follow a bunch of your friends so you know what they’re up to.

That’s what I do, and I love it. Then again, I only have about a dozen friends :-)"

So, basically, the problem wasn't with Twitter, it was with me.  Scott was following me on Twitter. 

Why, Scott?  Why fill your phone with meaningless fluff about kayaking, Fordham, softball, and my lunch habits?  There are like 6 people on the face of the earth who should care about such things and they've all met me. 

It's the same with Facebook, like when Jason declared Facebook bankruptcy.  I'm sorry, but who has 2800 friggin' Facebook friends?  

Seriously guys, just put the social apps down before you hurt yourselves.  If you can't learn how to play nice with them, then maybe you need to take a little timeout.

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