My Leisurely Nine Hour Drive to Boston - On I-95, A Deadly Day

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon answering e-mails, managing the sending of documents around back and forth to our lawyer about our financing, and speaking with some folks from a university career office.

I did this all from my car, on my phone, parked, engine off, in the middle of I-95, miles behind an accident that blocked traffic in all directions and stuffed up a good portion of the roads in Connecticut.  It was one of the most utterly ridiculous driving experiences of my life.  Wherever you went, there were cars, cars, and more cars, and backwoods Connecticut roads that couldn't handle the backup.  Eventually, I made my way up Rt. 85 up to I-84 and over to Boston, but stop and go most of the way.  I'm finally glad that's over.

Still, I fared better than the folks involved in this terrible accident.

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