What do you do about radio silence?

I'm currently getting digital radio silence from two people I really want to talk to, both of whom I've reached out to more than once.   I just don't get it.

Don't get me wrong, I get a ton of e-mails from people and it is often the case that one slips past me and I don't notice it...  but if anyone ever follows up on it, I'll respond right away, usually with an apology.

The first case is someone who is pretty important and influential, but with whom I've corresponded before, always with a response, even if it took a little while.  I've sent them a number of notes related to Path 101, and even had one of my investors contact them about it--someone with whom this person knows pretty well.  Nothing...  nada.... zip.  They even wound up inviting my investor to some event and ignored the whole mention of the company.  It was actually sort of bizarre.  I mean, if you're not interested, you're not interested.  Just say it..  don't leave us scratching our heads.  It's really unfortunate, too, because I think this person could be a huge help to us and it turns out they're involved with another company we're interested in talking to as well (which I just found out yesterday via LinkedIn).  I was like, "Damn, if only so and so would get back to us, we could get an intro to them, too!" 

The other scenario is a younger front end developer who is clearly a ninja in the making.  She does a little bit of everything, has a great blog, and has a little bit of poking the bear in her, too.  I'm DYING to talk to her about joining.  She's clearly "out there" and so I tried Facebook, e-mail.. . I even complimented her Last.fm station, which I listened to one afternoon.  I'm not stalking... all this stuff is out on her blog...  but I've e-mailed twice to no avail.  Not even a peep.  Zip.  Nada.  Nothing.  *Scratches head.*

Again, a simple, "I'm not really looking to join or work for your company" would do.  But you know, I'd love to sit down with her as a relatively recent college grad just to hear what she thinks of the idea, too.  

Again, just don't get it.  Why put yourself out there if you're going to be completely unresponsive?  If you're busy, that's cool... just take two seconds to write back, "Hey, sorry, I'm really busy... can we talk another time?"

So, do I just keep at it until I get a Cease & Desist?  Do I call them out on their unresponsiveness?  I mean, at the moment, without a response, I have nothing... so what do I have to lose?  Should I just let it go? 

Maybe I should send them a Christopher Walken Voki.

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