Does the web ever make you feel really disconnected?

I was going through the contact list in my phone before.  It was a huge repository of little reminders of all the people I don't really talk to anymore.  Social networks get like that, too... they go stale... you keep adding, but there's no pruning. 

Someone should create a social network that is just about 100 people.  That's it... you can only have 100 friends, and when you add someone, you have to boot someone off. 

I love IM, but how many times do you have the following conversation with people?

"What's up?" 

"Not much... how are you?"

"Good... and you?"

"Yeah... good."

And then...  nothing...   AIM is like an ICU, with all these friendships on life support that would otherwise die if not hooked up to the digital feeding tube.

When I die, please donate my screenname to some little kid that needs it more than I do. 

What is it about social networking online that makes it so unlike how I interact with real people in the real world?

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