Twitter Prepping its Mobile Ad Units? It was bound to happen eventually...

While everyone is talking about Google and mobile advertising, has anyone else noticed the emergence of "Tips" on their Twitter mobile notifications?  This is surely the precursor to mobile SMS keyword ads from Twitter.

Here's an example...  Everyone's favorite CNET reporter Caroline McCarthy answered Nate Westheimer's call for a Silicon Alley band this morning.

Here's what it looked like on the web:

twit ads

But here's what it looked like on my phone...  26 extra characters tacked on at the end.

Tip: Wow, you look *good*.


Clearly, Twitter is testing out the feasability, useability, and user reaction to things being added on to user twits.   If successful (or if the users are silent) you would imagine that its only a matter of time before this becomes:

Tip: Drink Jamba Juice.

The new tracking feature will probably be used to help power ads, too... and what a powerful ad system that would be...  AdSense for SMS, essentially.  Imagine being able to add 15-25 extra characters onto every single post where someone mentions they are thirsty, or the word "sex" pops up.  (Tip: Use Trojan condoms?)

In all honestly, I love Twitter... completely addicted to it.  I'd pay a monthly fee for the service if they asked, so certainly I don't mind if if this is what the ads look like.  Actually, the ads might make for pretty hilarious content when placed next to the inane things my friends twit about.  I'm absolutely find with this kind of advertising and I doubt I'd pay my way out of it if given the chance.