Please add me to the "Make my web ads completely effin' irrelevant list"

There may be some legislation in the works to ban tracking of consumers for behavioral targeting on the web.


It really bothers me when I'm in Gmail, talking about kayaking, and I get offered kayaking gear in an ad.

Or when I'm looking at a small printer for the office, then I go check a free weather site, and there's an ad for a great deal on exactly the kind of printer I'm looking for.

It's invasive and I'm just not going to stand for it anymore.  I don't want anyone to know anything about me. I want my ad experience online to be just like my television experience, completely untargeted and irrelevant. 

Bring on the mortgage ads!

If AOL/Tacoda gives me a chance to opt in to sharing more about myself, I'm on it.

I'll give them my tags, my Twitter stream, fill out a survey, whatever they need me to do... as long as it doesn't mean MORE ads... just better ones.

This is different than Do Not Call.   Phone calls interrupt my day and they're annoying.  Web ads... web ads currently suck and they NEED more data about me... and at least on the web I know that you can engineer privacy controls like Tacoda has so that they don't need to know who I am exactly to target me.

Hey privacy wonks... go work on something useful, like helping people opt out of cellphone contracts without paying $200.

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