Aren't networks made of people? What's The Action Network and who are they?

I just got an invite to a "Meet and Greet" hosted by The Action Network.  The Eventbrite invitation gives invitees plenty of opportunity to donate--citing a "suggested" donation--but you can go for free if you want.

There's only one problem with the invite.   I have no idea who The Action Network is, what they do exactly or how I got on their e-mail list.  I checked out their site and it says their mission is to "encourage, sustain, and develop volunteerism among young people in New York City."  When you click on "Program" to find out how, you get a "This page is under construction" message.  There are no names and no pictures of any actual people on the site. 

I'm going to assume that there are well intentioned people behind this endeavor (hopefully) but there's absolutely no way I'm going to show up to an event that asks for money before I even know who's asking that is run by people who won't publicly associate their names with the program.

Does anyone know who is running this and whether or not this is real?