The Origin of the Dancing Guy from Mighty Mighty Bosstones

So where did the inspiration for the dancing guy... Ben?

The inspiration was we were friends and we were a group of kids that hung out all around Boston going to shows, and we met going to shows. So we came up with, "what's the easiest way to get into a club? Well, that's to be in a band; and not only will we get in but they'll give us free beer." It's as simple as that. We never expected it to go very far. We had fun doing it and we put alot into it, and having no talent wasn't really an issue because if that was the case then I sure wouldn't have been in. I think Ben was still young at the time and he couldn't just be a roadie. We tried that trick and we're like "no," 'cause you have to be in the band to get in these clubs. We just got him on stage and put a microphone up there and had him dance, and it's always been part of that. I think it's at least some representation of the type of friends we are.

It gives you that "big party" feel, too...

I think so, and half the time I don't even know what he's doing. I'll run into him on stage, say hello, you know, dance with him or whatever, and he'll fill me in later on what's going on in the band. He's there and I love him, and I'm glad he's gone through it with us.

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