100 Bloggers, 100 Boxes: The Charity Superbowl Wiki

As an experiment in non-profit collaboration on the web and to give us reason to keep watching in case Rex Grossman throws 4 INTs, I've created The Charity Superbowl Wiki for 100 bloggers to participate in a charity game.

For a donation of $10 (plus PayPal transaction fees), you get to stake claim over a box on a 10 x 10 table whose row and column numbers will represent the last digit of the scores of the Colts and Bears at various points in this Sunday's Superbowl. 

The key is that you are playing for a charity... and all of the proceeds, net of PayPal fees, will be going to charity.  When you win, your charity will get money. 

Check it out here, and please help us run up the various meme lists by linking, digging, tagging, etc.  It's for a good cause.

Are you going to be one of the 100 bloggers to participate?