A Quote About Loving Words

"Maybe you like the beach, maybe you don't.  Maybe you're favorite color
is blue and mine is black.  Who cares.  It's really all about approach.
Love is about adjectives and adverbs, not nouns and not even verbs.
Blue, black, red, green, quiet, loud, jazz, fishing, scuba... it all
doesn't matter.  In fact, sometimes, its better if it's different, just
to make things interesting and expose the other person to new things.
Run, bike, scuba, travel...  all these things can change, too.  Don't
like me because I play sports, b/c if I get MS, will you no longer love
me?  But happy and happily, and lovingly and openminded and sweet,
thoughtful, sexual, sarcastic and selflessly...  these things are
you... they're forever and they effect every moment of your life.  I
want to marry an adjective and an adverb."