One Goddamn Hit? Post game subway thumbing...

"That's all we got?  One goddamn hit?"

You can't say goddamn on the air."

"Don't worry...  nobody's listening anyway."   (Click my avatar to hear the movie quote.)

Is it me, or when a no name rookie comes to town, doesn't that usually spell trouble for the Mets?  I vaguely remember getting shutout by Chris Reitsma somewhere along the line, too, a year or two ago.  Rotoheads, time to short Chuck James, because once you dominate the Mets, you're unlikely to be heard of again.

On the subject of Steve Trachsel, what's the record for the highest number of wins in a season for a picher who fails to make the post season roster?  Because, right now, my rotation is Pedro, Glavine, Maine and El Duque, with the pen lining up as Wagner, Feliciano, Heilman, Bradford, Mota, Oliver, Hernandez and then either Bell or Ring if you take 12. 

This team could use a righthanded bat.  Oh, that's right, we had one and traded him for Roberto Hernandez, who we now don't really need because of Mota.  Heath Bell could have gotten a shot at moving up the ladder, too.  Oh well.

Having a lead this big in the East gives us too much time to worry.

Oh and I forgot to mention... A couple of weeks ago, it was Beatles night at Shea.  When Chad Bradford took the mound, they played Yellow Submarine.  It was hilarious.  That should play everytime Underhandford takes the mound.

Both Pujos and Howard homered again last night...and so did Bonds, actually.  Barry, where were you all year when my fantasy team needed ya?