No Pedro, no problem

I think we all need to be realistic about this Pedro news.

Mike Vaccaro from the post puts it best...

"...they didn't lose PEDRO MARTINEZ...  Because the truth is, the Mets haven't had the italicized, capitalized version of that player in an awfully long time. The Mets don't lose the 1969 edition of Tom Seaver, or the 1986 version of Dwight Gooden, or even the 2000 versions of Al Leiter and Mike Hampton.

When he was on the mound, the Mets felt like they were practically unbeatable. But the reality is, their winning percentage since the first day of the 2005 season is over 40 points higher on days when Martinez doesn't pitch than on days that he has. It's true. You can look it up."

The rest of the team needs to step up, like they have all year.  Realistically we just need five innings...  If every playoff start from someone not named Tom or Orlando was 5 innings and 3 runs, I'd be happy.



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