Call me a purist, agist, or whatever...

But now that Facebook is more open, I've gotten a lot of invites from very cool people that I know professionally.  I haven't accepted them yet and probably don't think I will.  So, sorry, Fred.  Nothing personal...   It's more a matter of maintaining a community identity.

To me, Facebook is very college-y... very my generation.  The actual physical "facebook", which we called the "meetbook" or "meatbook" depending on how you looked at it, was a very important document as a college student.

I'm not really a fan of the "open" Facebook, but I'll admit that it works to Fordham's advantage, b/c they can't get their act together to give us alumni e-mail addresses (seriously, how hard is that.. its just e-mail forwarding...).   So, at least this way, my Fordham friends in my year can join.     I'm going to keep my Facebook connections within a generation, if that's ok with you folks.   You can still connect to me on LinkedIn, Flickr, MySpace, MyBlogLog,, and