Marks of a great coach? Great CEO?

Jeremy Shockey said the Giants were outcoached yesterday.

And frankly, I can't say Tom Coughlin has ever really impressed me. 

But then again, this Giant team, save for Tiki, hasn't really impressed me.   So, how do you know when it is the players and how do you know when it is the coach?   Certainly Bill Parcells seemed like a great coach and he's won to prove it...   but what about someone like Willie Randolph?   Second best team in the bigs... so-so starting staff, and yet somehow, I really don't think Willie is such a great coach.  He's made a lot of questionable moves.

There are always going to be standout CEOs--obvious people that everyone points to...  Gates, Jobs, Jack Welch...  but are there examples of great CEOs at mediocre companies?   How long does it take to go from good to great or turn something around?   Can a mediocre CEO take a great product to success?  I mean, seriously...  I could do Joe Torre's job, I think.  With that payroll and lineup...  I'd just say, "Hey guys, Jared Wright is pitching tonight, so do me a favor and score 9 runs."  I mean, he doesn't even need a bench...   never needs to double switch or pinch hit for the pitcher.  How hard could it be?

How do you seperate what a single person has done for a team, a company... hell... even a whole country?   Does Bush suck or are we all collectively sucking?   Or maybe just all the politicians?  As bad as you might say our president is, you gotta admit that there are probably others who deserve blame as well... people on both sides of the Pantone wheel.