Sprint EVDO through PPC-6700 finally working

First off, Sprint tech support sucks.

I spent two hours over various parts of the last week trying to get my phone to work as a broadband wireless modem, and... nothing.   It took four days before the phone's internet was working just as a standalone.  Using it with the laptop was another story.

Turns out I just didn't have the driver.  It seemed like I didn't, but Sprint assured me that, by downloading their connection manager, that I had the driver.  Not so much.

Seems I'm not the only one that was looking for the driver either.

So, if you need a USB wireless modem driver for a PPC-6700, or supposedly any Win Mobile phone, its right here.

I finally got going, and while the connection speed isn't overwhelming (currently in my office, with only two bars on the phone, its 230Kbps...a little slower than DSL), its definitely useable, and much better than searching for hotspots or paying T-Mobile at Starbucks. 

So, until NYC goes WiFi, I'm mobile and Sprint gets an incremental $25 a month from me and my firstborn.