Template Changes - Now you can Meebo me, too

I made a few updates to my site template, mostly aimed at cleaning up all the junk (um.. widgets) I have on my sidebar.   Of course, most of you read via RSS, so you've probably never even seen my page.

I added a third column and put some spaces in between all the widgets.  I think it looks cleaner.

I also added a view widgets, like Meebo.  Now you can IM me when you're on my page.  I really like the concept, but I wish the IMs would go to my AIM client...  I really don't like IMing through a browser, but its a neat concept that people can just stop in and say hello.  I wish AIM would copy this functionality so I can just use my AIM client for this. 

The more I think about it, the more just about every single piece of social software out there should integrate with Meebo, including Oddcast.  I'd love to open up a Meebo chat right where my avatar is...  and since they're both Flash, it should be really easy.   

Other new widgets include a YouTube badge of some of my favorite videos, which is probably too small, a Facebook badge, and yes, some Google ads.

Although, I have to say, my most lucrative program so far, by far, has been my Sitepal affiliate badge.  I've made $90 already from it... you get 30% commission on all the Sitepals you sell over the first full year of the accounts you sell.  So, just selling one ten dollar account nets you $36 in the first year.  That's pretty good.   My Feedburner ads are doing pretty nicely, too...  bringing in about $30 a month.   

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