Kayakr: Nice visit from Mick from Zapr over the weekend

Charlie, Mick and New Jersey, originally uploaded by bigmick.

A lot of people ask to meet up to talk shop... coffee, lunch, Jamba... I definitely put myself out there for a lot of people, but admittedly its hard to accomodate all the people that I'd like to meet with. I mean, I do have parents and friends that want to see me once in a while, too. So, when TaraRogueCow :) told Mick to look me up, I sent him down to Pier 40 for a little kayaking, since I knew that was going to be basically my lone respit from work this weekend. Well, Mick was a good sport and in the Hudson River with a paddle he went. I learned a lot about Zapr and its a lot cooler than I first thought it was.

Actually, its a pretty good model for me for meeting new people or professional contacts. It does sort of prevent live demos of services, since taking a laptop on the water probably isn't a good idea, but if anyone ever wants to get some of my time, their best bet is probably to meet me at Pier 40 on the weekends for some kayaking. Its hard for me to make time during the week, but here, I have a few hours, my head is pretty clear for thinking, and I'm in a pretty good mood. Just drop me a line at charlie@oddcast.com to see if and when I'll be down there... or check back on the blog, because a lot of times I'll mention it on Thursday or Friday.