An addition to the language of the blogosphere

Here's my attempt at adding something to the vocabulary of the blogosphere.

I often write posts about things I'd like to see on the web... everyone does.  The number of web services out there has exploded and, in turn, generated a TON of other ideas in the process... hence all these mashups.

But not all of us can code.  (I'm thinking about teaching myself a little php/mysql over the next year...   feel free to tag me books, beginners sites, etc with the for:ceonyc tag on 

So, instead, why don't we try and match the idea people with the execution people using  I propose a tag:

Anyone who has an idea for a technology enabled service, or simply an improvement/add-on to one can tag their own blog posts (or anyone elses if they see one) with wibci.

wibci   (pronounced wib-key)

Wouldn't It Be Cool If...

I've gone ahead and tagged my "convert to meatspace" idea to start things off.  I'd love to see what people come up with.  I'm also thinking about doing a wiki where people could just throw all these ideas out there, collaborate on them, and essentially outline whole services together.