Vitamin B6 may cut risk of Parkinson's disease

I don't understand this guy at all.  Check out his four starts so far:

Date                     Opp.                     W     L      S      IP           H        R    BB   K            


First off all, I'm not on the Aaron Heilman bandwagon quite yet.  He's only thrown two good starts and he can't seem to get them in a row.  Last game, he couldn't get through five without giving up 11 hits and 7 runs.  Now, all of the sudden, he 2 hits the Braves over seven.  When he sucks, he really sucks, but when he's good, he's nearly unhittable.  And, when you hear the descriptions in the paper, he wins by "changing speeds and locating his fastball effectively."  Alright, fine that's the way you want someone to pitch, but that's not a 2 hitter type game.  It awfully hard to dominate when that's all you do, unless you're Greg Maddux.  So, which Aaron Heilman shows up next game?  Who knows.  This team doesn't make any sense to me.  Five losses, six wins, Pizza not batting his weight...  and where the heck was Victor Diaz all my life? 

Oh, and btw...  Julio Franco is obviously well into his sixties.  Forty-six?  Right.