Not Too Cool for School

So, I'm taking a 4 day vacation on the West Coast...  Originally, this trip was loosely based around a Stanford visit, but then I just realized that I needed a bit of a break and I had good enough friends out here to welcome me with open arms and open apartments.  :)   So, for now I'm in Walnut Creek.... just chillin', maxin' and relaxin'.   I won't lie... I did do a little bit of work this afternoon for a client presentation, but for the most part, its the first non-family related vacation I've had in a while (visited the bro in Tampa twice this summer.)   Its funny, because as I was telling Charles (my boss) that I was going to be gone the rest week, he's like, "shit."  I'm like, "Dude... look at the calendar...  look at the last time I took time off."   So, here I am.  I'm here, and I'm resting comfortably.  Its a nice way to clear ones mind especially as big decisions may be looming. 

Pics will be coming, too, of course.  Tomorrow, I plan to head over to a Ford dealership I saw that had a Mustang on the lot.  :)

Oh, and by the way, did anyone catch Jack Cafferty ripping on Yassar Arafat this morning on CNN headline news??   I won't repeat what he said, but he basically flipped out on how terrible a guy this once and finished with, "Good riddence."  Solidad O'Brien was speechless.  Interesting stuff...   Apparently billions of dollars in donations to his cause are unaccounted for?  I didn't know this... I need to go check that out.