House Approves Legislation To Expand Use Of Electronic Health Records

The benches at Swift were really comfortable last night.  They weren't very high, but I felt like the seat to back ratio provided good back support.  I'm sitting on a folding patio chair at DTUT at the moment.  Its alright.  Accident prone Ruby just came in complaining that the deli next door carded her for cigarettes.  No ID, no cigarettes.  Who walks around without ID?  Who still smokes?  Could be worse.  She could be starving to death on national television 15 years after her husband's botched attempt to kill her while the whole country feigns interest as if they'll remember her when the next kidnapping or hostage standoff or sex scandal grabs the headlines.  Don't snicker.  Anyone ask about Elian lately?  You know that baby who fell down the well?  Jessica McClure.  Well, she's in college now.  Now there's someone who'd make a great blogger.  Watch out Wil Wheaton.  Obscurity definitely trumps mediocre celebrity.  The smoochy studying couple next to me is leaving and another couple is taking their place.  I swear everyone in this place looks like they're on an internet date.  The Battery Ventures guys need to come to this place to understand the inner workings of Friendster dating.  I like how CNN now puts people's positions on things right under their names.  Bob Jones.  Against socks and sandals.  Shelly Smith.  This socks and sandals are ok.  By the way, this whole Holy Thursday teachers strike is a crock.  If all of these teachers showed up on church on that day to actually observe Holy Thursday, that would be one thing, but it isn't even a Holy Day of Obligation.  Amazing how, in some schools, half the faculty was so strictly religious that they felt the need to take off.  If I was a teacher, regardless of whether or not I thought I should have off, I don't think I'd ever leave my kids alone for the sake of a union protest.  That's a good sign to the kids that you don't care about them.  They made it to school, you should, too.  Given the kind of music that plays here at night, I don't think this is really the kind of place you should take kids under 10 at 9:30, but yet, people insist on it.  No good will come of this girl walking around with an open smores related flame.  She's walking way too fast and its leaning back towards her, making her nervous and causing her to walk even faster.  Where's the fire extinguisher?  People, if you ever turn on CNN and the headline reads "O'DONNELL:  8th DAY WITHOUT FEEDING TUBE", someone please shoot me.  I'm serious.  I don't care if you're not sure whether or not I'm responsive or conscious.  I refuse to let my dwindling life deteriorate to the point where I'm little more than a ratings generator.  I think I'm one more post away from the first Google page for a "DTUT" search.  I'm the first two on the second page.  Someone link to me.  Push me over the top.  This post needs purpose.  And now I'll check spell, knowing full well I spelled "definitely" wrong again.  You know what's also weird?  "Blogger" is not in the Six Apart dictionary.  Can we fix that?