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For those of you that can bear my awful layout, you might have noticed a new little gray box on the left.  That's a discussion group completely seperate from the posts on my blog.  Anyone can participate, and anything they write will get autoposted to my sidebar.

Here's the discussion group concept:

We've been talking around a lot of things about Web 2.0, but I'd like to get down to the nuts and bolts.  What's missing in the user experience?  Who has it right?  What is "right"?  Lots of people have been talking theory (including us at USV!) and that is important, too, but this group is about where the rubber meets the road.  Who's in?  Add your name and reply.

Here's my opening post:

"First there was mashing.  Lately, there's been bashing.  While a lot of people believe in the promise of Web 2.0 (even if they can't define what it is) there's definitely been a clamoring for more substance and less theory.  This open discussion, being hosted on the side column of my blog is meant to focus on real applications of Web 2.0 theories, including specific companies, real suggestions for improvements, new ideas for applications that would  work, and how to create a differentiated user experience that drives adoption. 

The first topic is whether or not we flipped the wrong model--whether or not user-centric business models have actually changed the value to the end user and their experience.  Has "Web 2.0" actually changed the value proposition of the web or have we spend too much time building businesses differently and not enough time rethinking the way people actually want/need to use the web?  What specific areas have truly improved and what's lacking?"