April Fools, folks!

Link: CNN.com - World's oldest man dies in New York - Nov 20, 2004.

*Hale retired 50 years ago as a railroad postal worker and beekeeper

*watched his lifelong favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, win the World Series again after 86 years.

*At age 95, Hale flew to Japan to visit a grandson who was in the Navy. While en route back to the United States, he stopped in Hawaii and even gave boogie-boarding a try.

*At 103, Hale was still living on his own and shoveling the snow off his rooftop.

*Guinness record-holder for the oldest driver. At age 108, he still found slow drivers annoying

*Hale outlived his wife, who died in 1979 (69 years of marriage)

Now that's a life.

Fred Hale.  113.  I may just have to live that long to see the Mets win another championship.