Season Tickets Sold Out Again for Heat

We'll vote on Coat Idol next week...   I have too  much to do for now.

But, to update, I became a new kind of "cave man".

I caved on the clothing thing.  Why?

Because we were arguing about something really stupid... clothing.  And, its the fact that I think clothing is stupid that was the reason why I didn't want anyone putting any special effort into it in the first place.  Therefore, when I saw that it was all we were talking about, I just pulled the plug in it and quit.

Its just not worth it.

I haven't really talked too much about Adrianna here before, and to be honest, its been part of my unofficial blog policy not to talk about someone that I'm dating.  For a little while, I just kind of let her appear gradually.  Obviously, though, its pretty serious to me and I'm trying to look at the bigger picture.  I shouldn't let something like pleated pants cause an issue with someone if, in fact, I'm serious about the idea that I'm trying to foster a relationship to build something on.

I guess I'm maturing, "temper tantrum" blog posts aside.