Q & A: Louis Langrée on Mozart (of Course), Period Instruments and Zaïde

I'm sitting right here...


Its a Starbucks not to far from the Bay.  I stopped here because there's a photo op right around here that I think I'm going to get some cool pics of in a few minutes.   Plus, I was hungry, so I had a rasberry almond scone and a green tea.  :)

So, my friend Carrie loves me enough to open her apartment to me for me to stay, but doesn't love me enough to take any time off for me, so I'm playing by myself today.  It should be interesting, because, to be honest, I don't usually do too much by myself... ever.  I could never sit in a restaurant or movie theater by myself.  I'm just a feedback guy and I like bouncing ideas off of other people while I'm experiencing things.

So here are some other pics that I took...

Img_0107 I'm waiting for the train to the rental car.  I got a convertible...  and of course, its raining and only about 55. 

Img_0109 I know I'm not a good photographer.  I'll admit it now.  But, I'm a good driver, which allows me to take pictures like this safely.  :)

Img_0110 New York does't have land formations like this...  I just think the landscape here is fascinating.  I know, its boring stuff, but for me, its different.

Oh, and I took these pictures on Tuesday...  I thought maybe you'd be curious what my work environment looks like.  I think it goes a long way to explaining why I needed a little vacation.  Not my Fordham banner, nameImg_0105tags from various conferences and annual meetings I've been to, and my thank you letters.  Each time I get a thank you letter for a student for the various mentoring activities I do or for running the internship program, I post it up on my desk.  I think I also have a little note up there from Bob Hellman and Nancy Katz from McCown DeLeeuw.  They're good people.   The chair behind me is where Jeff the Intern sits, but he only works Mondays and Tuesdays.

And finally, here are some Walnut Creek pictures from this morning on my way out...  its really quite quaint.  I can't figure California out...  its like the town council voted one day and decided to put up a state.  Nothing here just "happened" like New York... it was decided upon and planned and it all looks like it fits together nicely.  New York, which is visually more interesting, developed and grew and overgrew and now we're all living in Jenga.  More to come...    I'm going to lunch later with Valarie from CM Capital in Palo Alto.

Img_0113 Img_0114_1