Potential Drug Target For Huntington's Disease Identified By Study

At Demo, Mena introduced her mom to do the next iteration of "Its so easy, my mom can use it."  The team at Six Apart is building a product that her mom actually wants to use, because, these days parents can be pretty tech savvy.  (So I hear, anyway...)

Well, I'm glad that Mena's mom knows how to use a computer, but my mom doesn't, nor does Nana.  Yet, I'd love to find a way to connect them to all the content and photos I produce.  I'd even like to copy them on e-mails.

Why doesn't somebody create a "convert to meatspace" service for e-mail and RSS.  I'd definitely pay for Nana Picture 405to get, each week, a printed copy of all my posts (well, minus the tech ones anyway), with embedded photos, mailed to her.  In addition, I'd like to be able to send her e-mails at nana@meatspace.com that someone would print out, put in an envelope, address, stamp, and mail for me.  I hate snailmail.  I hate stamps... never have them, never know where to get them. 

I'm not saying this could ever be a huge business or is something we'd ever invest in... its just something I want.  Plus, its got to be so easy to set up.  Printers and mail machines are automatic now... you'd just have to hire a monkey to refill the paper.  A website, a server, one printer, one mail stuffer, one postage machine and a basket that the post office picks up everyday... oh.. and the refill monkey.  How hard could that be?