Improving Roaming Revenues

This is fascinating and I really hope Six Apart publishes their findings.

They just sent a note to Typepad users asking them to select what type of discount they would like to receive based on the service issues they've been having over the last month.  What's amazing is that they're basically asking people how much of a discount they should get... and depending on the honor system.

I only noticed an issue once or twice, so I'm going to stick with the default.   

Here's the note:

By default, you will receive a credit for 15 free days of TypePad service. To get this credit you don't have to do anything; we will just credit your account.

That said, we recognize that customers have had different experiences with the service, so we want to give you the opportunity to choose more, or even less compensation. If you click the link below, you'll get a screen that offers you the following choices:



    While the performance issues caused me some inconvenience ; I mainly found the service acceptable last month.
    Give ; me 15 free days of TypePad.



    The performance issues made it very difficult for me to use the service on multiple occasions during the
    Give me 30 free days of TypePad.



    The performance issues affected me greatly, making my experience unacceptable for most of the month.
    Give me 45 free days of TypePad.



    I really wasn't affected and feel I got the great service I paid for last month.
    Thank you for the offer, but please don't credit my account.