Longest Day

This was my Tuesday...  I was too tired to blog about it yesterday.

5AM Wake up.

5:40AM Get in car in Bay Ridge.

6:05AM Enter LaGuardia Airport parking lot.

6:13AM Check in to 7AM flight, which has now been pushed back to 7:25.

7:10AM Board plane.

8:48AM Land in Dulles, VA.

9:30AM Finish Cosi parfait.  Get cab. 

9:54AM Arrive at biz dev meeting.

11:45AM Leave campus for lunch with fun potential partner team.

12:15PM Get seated for lunch at local microbrewery/grill.

12:26PM  Chicken sandwich arrives.

1:26PM Return from lunch to continue meetings.

3:33PM Leave for airport with chatty cab driver.

3:56PM Arrive at airport and check in for 5:35 flight.

3:57PM Black cat crosses path.  Cat cannot get wifi connection either.

4:49PM Flight pushed back to 6PM.

5:30PM Flight pushed back to 6:30PM.

6:01PM Flight pushed back to 7:05PM.

6:39PM Flight pushed back to 7:35PM.

6:58PM Announcement that LaGuardia Airport has been closed due to visability.

6:59PM Check NYC weather on phone...  66.  Rain.  Yes, seems like that should close an airport.

7:30PM Flight cancelled.  9PM flight full.  Please go to the customer service line.

7:31PM Customer service line has 6,000 people on it.  Break for Avis.

7:55PM Arrive at Avis. 

"Carkeep, give me the world handling car you have...something that corners like a whitewater raft.  An Impala?  Oh yes, that will do fine."


"Its 250 miles to LaGuardia.  I've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of overpriced airport trailmix.  Its dark, and I'm wearing khakis.

Hit it."

12:38AM Arrive at LaGuardia Avis, located close to the airport in downtown Saskachawan by the Marine Aviation Terminal.

12:52AM Start waiting for the Avis Shuttle, which comes every five minutes, to get back to the parking lot.

1:15AM Avis shuttle arrives.

1:33AM Exit Laguardia parking lot, peeling out in Mustang, because I was used to Impala's pickup, or lack thereof.

1:52AM Park in Bay Ridge.

2:01AM Sleep in my own bed...zzzzzzz