Enter Sandboy...

If Billy Wagner doesn't start shutting hitters down 1-2-3, they're going to start playing "Johnny B. Goode" instead of Metallica.

So it looks like Pelfrey is the odd man out of the rotation for now...  He was impressive, but still pretty young.  We'll probably see him again in a few weeks.

Oh, and instead of losing Nady, wouldn't it have just been easier to resign Roberto Hernandez last season?  What we gave up to get what we have in all these trades hasn't impressed me at all.  I hope Chad Bradford emerges as the #1 righty out of the pen, just because I have a soft spot for submarine pitchers.  Combining him with Hernandez reminds me of the '91 Mets combo of Innis and "Senior Smoke" Alejandro Pena.