The Lost Art of Answering the Phone

So, Adi Sideman, the CEO of Oddcast, just came into the office as he usually does late Sunday mornings and something he did just reminded me something interesting about the culture here.

He picked up the phone.

Not his phone number... the main line.

"Good morning, Oddcast".

We often talk about the "no touch" style of Google AdSense and other self-serve applications, but something I noticed from the first day I walked into Oddcast always strikes me.  Our phone number is on the website, and people here always pickup that main line.  If the CFO is at my desk and she hears the main line go off, she grabs the nearest phone possible to answer.

Its usually someone who needs a password reset or something silly, particularly if its on the weekend... and I'll bet few of the people who call release they're getting the CEO of the CFO of the company.

A personal touch is something that's really important to the people here and its sort of refreshing.  Admittedly, I don't rush to grab that line if I'm here by myself, but maybe I'll start.