Gene clue to prematurity risk

I remember hearing Basketcase for the first time.  My mom and I were on our way back from visiting my grandparents in Staten Island. She had to stop at the Staten Island Mall to exchange an item and I was waiting in the car.  I was 14 and too cool to walk around the mall with my mom if I didn't have to.  I remember how cool I thought the song was, and remember thinking (maybe not at that exact moment, but not long after) that I hoped Green Day wouldn't be one of those one-hit wonder bands.  Eleven years later, I'm eating breakfast, watching the video for Boulevard of Broken Dreams.  Its so great to see them still going and I had this sudden urge to go see them in concert.  I checked their website and they don't have any NYC dates left, but they do have dates in April in Atlantic City, Albany, Norfolk (could take a DC trip to go see friends from college...).  Boy, do I wish I had a car.  Maybe I'd make a real trip out of it and go somewhere interesting.  July 1st...  Belgium?  Now that would be interest.  Werchter festival anyone?  Is it hot in the summer in Belgium?  Atlantic City or Belgium?   hmm.