More lost electronics... Camera in the Hudson

Last year, I broke two Treo 650's, and got my camera stolen.  Today, I sunk to a level of idiocy I am capable of, thankfully, ever so rarely.  We opened up at Pier 40 today and it got pretty choppy in the afternoon.  I had my Fisher C-1 in my pocket and decided to go out for a paddle.  I was on a high sit on top boat that kept me pretty dry.  However, I decided it would be a good idea to try and actually land the boat on the dock by catching a wave. 

Not smart.

I got about 3 feet up on the dock and just hung there for a moment before it capsized.  I immediately realized my camera was in the water and pulled it up and out as soon as I could, ignoring the boat, which got swept under Pier 40.  The camera was fried and the boat lost in the depths beneath the pier.  Not all was lost though.  I was able to scoot underneath the pier and retrieve the boat with a tow rope.

Also, more importantly to me, the Flash card was ok, too, so I didn't lose the pics I had taken.




So, anyone have any suggestions as to what camera I should buy?   I guess I want 6+ MP, small, very good video and I'm somewhat price sensitive.  If anyone has links to pics they took with a specific camera, and videos, please post them and the name of the camera.  Thanks!