The Downtown Boathouse Returns to Downtown....sort of

When we moved from Pier 26 due to the renovation (total destruction) project that leveled the Downtown Boathouse, we moved most of our stuff up to the shiny new boathouse at Pier 96 at 56th Street.  We didn't move everything there, though, and we still wanted to maintain a downtown presence if we could.  So, we rented some space at the south end of Pier 40 (at Houston St.), but it took almost all summer to get the right permits to put a dock in.

Finally, this Saturday morning, the Downtown Boathouse will open up the Pier 40 location and make its triumphant, if not a little disorganized, return to downtown.  You have to walk down the pier a little ways on the south side to see us.  We don't have as many boats there as we used to at Pier 26, and all of our trips will still run out of Pier 96.  But if you're used to dropping by on us at Pier 26 because it was close by, come see us on Saturday to see what we're up to.  Even better, come help out!  I'll be there from 9-5:30, but the closer you come to either end, the more you risk that we'll either be just getting organized or closing early because no one showed.  :(     Hope to see you there!