Bundling next-generation cancer therapies for synergy

I didn't post too much this weekend, and I definitely have a backlog of things I'd like to post about in my head.  Hopefully, this week will be a slower week in terms of my after work activities and I'll be able to catch up.

My weekend was spent, as you can probably guess, mostly kayaking at the Downtown Boathouse.  Anyone who made it out had fantastic weather, aside from the occasional forboding storm cloud, but none of the threats came to post and 95% of the weekend was pretty sunfilled.  The Downtown Boathouse was a little quieter than last year, perhaps because the water hasn't quite warmed up yet and people aren't quite sure its summer yet.  Another week or two and I'm sure we'll be in full swing.  I got some great pictures in at the Boathouse as well as on the Circle Line Monday night, which I went to with my friend Joy who used to work at GM.  Speaking of Joy, that's the name we're going with for the family dog.  So, here's a little collection of my kayaking photos, NYC shots from the Circle Line and pictures of Joy (the dog).

Photo 143
Photo 142
Photo 165
Photo 161
Photo 151
Photo 148