Three seasons come to an end this week

With last night's rainout which will probably not get made up because my Fordham alumni softball team is out of it, the third of my three softball teams' seasons came to an end.

Sunday morning, my fastpitch men's team, the Warthogs, got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs after a 16-11 season.   Two and out...   and we basically gave the games away... didn't want it enough.  Very disappointing end to a good season.  Here's a hit to right  from the game.  I don't wear #21 on this team because someone else had it when I joined, so I just picked an utterly ridiculous number.

Wednesday night, my Zog team, Waiting for Turiansky, which crawled its way into the playoffs going 5-6-1, lost to the 11-1 Pubstars, after winning our first playoff game.  We were winning for one inning after I led off the game with a home run to right center.  I seriously have no idea why anyone plays on the left side of the field when I get up.  I have no ability to pull the ball in any form of this sport whatsoever.   Then it was 3-1 them...  3-2, 6-2, 6-3...    so in the 5th and it was 6-3 and I really felt good about the fact that we stayed in it as long as we did.  One big inning could do it.  Unfortunately, the wrong team had the big inning.  We lost 13-4.  Still, good season and we're excited to be playing again in the fall season.

As for my Fordham team... well... we're just not very good.  We went 3-9.  Oh well.  Perhaps we'll draft well in the offseason.  If you're a Fordham grad, and you can play shortstop or firstbase in particular, and can hit drop me a line.

So, the totals, including playoffs...    55 games...  25-29-1.   Eh.   Room for improvement.