Still Rough Around the Edges

One of the best things about blogging is that it can take your passions and interests, magnify their intensity, and act as a lightning rod for like minded people and a great network.

It also has the unfortunate byproduct of being non-discriminating in this process, particularly with people like me who are still a bit rough around the edges.  I put myself out there and sometimes, it comes back to bite me... more often than I'd like to.

So if you're thinking about blogging, currently blogging, etc. just remember every post is something you feel reflects you and you don't mind being representative of who you are... pretty much forever.  Its generally not a good place to start yammering about things you really don't even care much about and let your mouth go where it will.  Blogs are better when you are thoughtful about stuff that really interests you, lest you find yourself in a bad place, taken there by a post not really worth it in the first place.