On bike helmets

So I'm doing the round trip to my parents' house on my bike in a few minutes, which is about 32 miles round trip.  I made it a point of pulling my never-used helmet out of the closet. I promised myself I'd become a helmet wearer this year, given all the biking I plan to do.  Well, the helmet that I bought is a cheap one and waaaaaaaay too big.  It really is the dumbest looking thing I've ever seen.  If anyone can recommended a smaller, slimmer helmet (one that doesn't weigh my head down so much that it might actually cause me to get into an accident), I'd appreciate it.  Yes, I know, its completely ridiculous that I'm not wearing a helmet.  I'm fully aware of the risks, and yet, in the interest of not looking dorky, I'm still not on the helmet bandwagon. Show me a slim one, though, and I think I'm finally on it.  (Especially that now, it won't mess my hair.)

I think Seinfeld sums this helmlet stupidity up best:

"There are many things that we can point to as proof that the human
being is not smart. The helmet, is my personal favourite. The fact that
we had to invent the helmet. Now why did we invent the helmet ? Well,
because we were participating in many activities that were cracking our
heads. We looked at the situation, we chose not to avoid these
activities, but to just make little plastic hats, so that we can
continue our head-cracking life styles. The only thing dumber than the
helmet is the helmet law, the point of which is to protect a brain that
is functioning so poorly, it's not even trying to stop the cracking of
the head that it's in.