There's only four ways to get unraveled...

One thing I've noticed about myself...     within a given setting, whether it was school or a job or where I lived, I'm pretty resistant and uneffected by stress.  Nothing really bothers me much.

But that's when I'm pretty anchored into my surroundings--where I know the avenues for dealing with stress causes and can manage, avoid, reschedule, etc.  When I'm playing on my own mental turf, my batting average at home is very high.

Through me into a completely new surrounding and change the rules, and I have to say, I get a bit mentally unraveled.  I'm still able to complete all my tasks, but adjustment gives me quite a bit to deal with.  When I started working at my last two jobs, or when I moved, the same thing happened.  For a couple of weeks, I just tried to keep the deck chairs from sliding off the ship.

So if I'm a little slow with e-mail or on the blog, bear with me here.  I'm only on week two.

That being said, the people at Oddcast are great, and I can't wait for the momentum to build further on what we're working on, because then I'll be working directly with a lot more people within the organization.   We had a fun company outing on Friday and everyone was very warm and welcoming.   

Its very different working on independent projects when you're in a group of 10 or 4, but 38 people is the largest group I've worked with in quite a long time.  GM was 150, but I didn't work directly with most of those people.

In any case, I'm learning a lot about my own style of project work...    I really like the process of speccing something out.  Taking something enormous and breaking it down to its composite parts is something I'm good at and enjoy.  And, as it turns out, I'm not bad with designing screenshots either!

More details and observations to come...