Sean Johnson is taking the "next" concept out to the Windy City and starting nextChigago.

The nextVirus... spreading across America.  :)

Seriously, though, its an open source brand, just like BarCamp.  In fact, a lot of us here at nextNY think of our group has kind of like BarCamp on a listserv that actually includes going to bars and meeting regularly.  So if you'd like to get some young people in tech together in your area, here's what I had in mind as the principals of nextNY when I set the ball rolling.  Keep in mind none of these principals have ever been approved or officialy endorsed by anyone.

  1. No membership or membership criteria.  While I've tried to have the group clump around young people in tech, there's no official criteria.  All we keep doing is talking it up by using terms like "up and coming" (not young... I try to avoid age terms) and running the kind of events where my peer group would show, like Startup 101 for new entreprenuers or bar outings of lots of other "up and comers".