Hilary, your (Arkansas) roots are showing...

Ok, here's something from the, "I don't know nearly enough about my representatives" catagory...

Hilary Clinton doesn't support gay marriage.  Really?  I had no idea. 

So, wait...   if 52% of the people (to 38%) of the people in your state are supportive of it, and you're the elected representative, then who exactly are you representing?

I'm a fan of the domino effect... letting the states decide who they want to issue licenses to (since they are, in fact, state licenses)...   but its going to be really hard when the supportive states have politicians with their own agenda propping up the domino. 

On one hand, she attacks the anti-gay marriage amendment, chastizing Republicans...   and on the other she has said in the press that marriage is "between a man and a woman."

In other news, her 2008 Presidential Campaign slogan just got annouced.

Hilary Clinton: I'm for whatever will get me elected.... which means trying to present myself so deeping entrenched in the center that I don't actually stand for anything.

A lot of good that did John Kerry...

In 2008, I hope we have a choice between Mike Bloomberg/John McCain and Al Gore/Barack Obama.   I actually think only one of these four, Gore, will make it onto any ticket, but still, with a choice like that, you'd have to feel pretty good about your vote, no matter which way it came out.