Google Recap

On Wednesday night, the Google NYC office opened its doors to nextNY to give us an insider's view of what its like to work there, what they're working on, and what the future holds... and, we hoped, maybe hire a few of us.  :)

It was a great showing on both sides.  nextNY had around 100 attendees and the Google side was well represented by Marcus Mitchell, David Eun, Tom Thai, Dominic Preuss and Dennis Crowley.  We spoke about a lot of great stuff and the environment their is very open and upfront... hence the reason why I can't go into too much detail about all of it!  :)   Still, it was great to have kicked off our Open House series with such an accomodating host.  Hopefully, after this, we'll start to see more tech firms like Google reach out to engage the local community through us in the future.