"100 nextNYers at Google... 100 nextNY at Google... If one of those nextNYers happens to bail...99..."

A couple of months ago, the folks from nextNY started clamoring for some weighter content than our bar outings were providing.  So, in addition to our "Community Conversations" we set out to make inroads into some big tech firms that had a local presence. 

Not surprisingly, Google was the first one to get on board, and so, on Wednesday, 100 nextNYers will invade the midtown office of Google for our first nextNY Open House.   I really have to thank the Google New York staff, particularly Soo Young Kim for pulling out all the stops for us and opening their doors to host our growing little local community.  It really shows a commitment on their part to maintain an active  engagement with NYC and I hope it encourages other large tech firms here, like AOL and IAC, to do the same.