How's this for passionate users?

Just saw a note in an Etsy forum...

I think a problem with Etsy is that there are far too many sellers and
not enough buyers to compensate. Ebay is very successful because of how
much they advertise and before I ran across this website I had never
heard of it and neither had anyone that I know. I found through my
newspaper a place called Freedom which will send your ad through 11
states for advertising. It cost $275 for 25 words or less and an
additional $5 per word after that. I figure if we pitch in we could
advertise to the country about Etsy and get some acknowledgment about
this wonderful site that so many people are missing out on. If you are
interested in pitching in to get Etsy advertised please contact me and
let me know how much you are willing to donate. If we get enough people
to donate I will let everyone know and then we can work together to
make the perfect ad and send it off.

Either Contact me with your willing donation (will not donate until enough people have committed)

Can you imagine chipping in to pay for advertising on behalf of your wireless carrier?  How about for the car you drive?  I don't even think I'd pay to advertise Jamba!