The Catholic Church: Finding new ways to make itself less relevent...everyday

So, they're going to change up some of the wording of the English Mass, according to the NY Times, so that its closer to the original Latin.

Because...   to be honest, that's been a real issue effecting me.  When I say to the priest (the few times I ever go) "And also with you," I'm thinking that's just not right.  "And with your spirit" just has so a so much better ring to it.   Because, God forbid we should relate to the priest as another person instead of focusing in on his spirit.

Its good to know that when 75% of American Catholics believe the Church should ordain married men, the Church is focused on translating English so that its closer to Latin.

So here's a question...     Which happens first?  Married men in the church, a female president, or the first Met pitching a no-hitter?