Great Comment on Blogging ROI

let us think back about the good old mail. Maybe it can help us to think about the problem from a different angle. Yes, mail!

Do you know the ROI of your mail account? Does your company know the
ROI? Sure, it does know the costs. Even IBM and Microsoft cant tell you
the real value of mailing. You cant calculate the ROI of mailing
systems. Nobody ever could. Even if its a 30 years old technique!

Why? You cant live without mail. Everybody has mailing systems now.
20 years ago some rare users had mailsystems. But know everybody
communicates with each other by mail.

So, its not about ROI, its about communication infrastructure(!).
The costs of infrastructure systems can be huge. Think about the
transportation infrastructure (via highways, via railroad, via air).
Very expensive, but if you havent invest into that, your economy will
suffer badly. Its a vital factor!

As you need transportation systems for your economic goods, you need
your communication infrastructure. If everybody uses mail today and
suddenly tomorrow they use blogs to communicate you have to invest in
your communication infrastructure once again as years ago into your
mailing systems. But if you ask about the ROI you never will get into
blogging :-) Therefore you will cut your future communication channel.
You will suffer from the lack of investments in this area.